Summer can put a lot of wear and tear on a car. As temperatures begin to drop, car care should be on the minds of smart car owners. Use this fall checklist to make sure your car can take care of you this winter.


Heat speeds up the deterioration of the car’s vital fluids. Owners should make sure the car has the proper level of transmission fluid, brake fluid, and power steering fluid. Since these liquids take on debris and moisture, especially in an area with high humidity, a mechanic should check for proper viscosity after a long hot summer.

Drive Belts

A busted belt or hose is still one of the most likely causes of a roadside breakdown, and unfortunately our extreme summer heat speeds up component decay. Cracks, fraying and sponginess signal a need for an immediate replacement. Mileage is just as important an indicator. You can check your manual, but many belts and hoses need replacement at 60,000 miles.


A fully charged battery is vital to car operations. If a battery is too old, it forces the starter and alternator to work harder, often leading to a shorter life for these components. It’s a good idea to get your battery checked to make sure it is fully charged. If it isn't, the cables may be corroded or simply not connected tightly. Older batteries should be replaced.


Each tire should be checked regularly for the proper PSI, which changes slightly in cooler weather. While many cars do tell you if your tire pressure is low, it’s still a good idea to check each tire yourself. It’s also easy to check for uneven wear, a sign of alignment or suspension problems. As a general rule, you should get your tires balanced and aligned for a longer tire life.

These minor maintenance items can save you big money over the life of your car. Just as importantly, they may save you from a breakdown or an accident caused by a malfunction. If your vehicle needs servicing or is due for service, contact any of our Vaden dealership service today.
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