Top 5 Savannah Ghost Tours

As the oldest city in the State of Georgia and having a history that exists long before its founding in 1733, the city of Savannah has seen many events, both good and bad. The city has been involved in many battles and personal struggles, including the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. Due to the number of events as well as the many deaths that have occurred around the city, there is a great deal of spiritual activity. The city of Savannah is said to be one of the most haunted locations in the South. This has prompted the creation of many Savannah ghost tours. Here are the top 5 Savannah Ghost tours for you to experience.

Sixth Sense Savannah

Centered around the haunted historic district of Savannah and specifically the Bonaventure Cemetery, the Sixth Sense Savannah has been conducting ghost tours since 1995. Featuring many scary stories told while standing before the actual sites, this ghost tour provides a family-friendly tour as well as a second tour for those 18 and older. Experience tales of mystery told from inside the grounds of the city cemetery at night. The tours last approximately two hours. For more details, go to: Sixth Sense Savannah.

Blue Orb Tours

Listed as "One of the Top 13 Ghost Tours in the World" by Conde Nast 2015, the Blue Orb Tours provide you with three different options, allowing you to choose the tour that fits your needs best. The tours last approximately 90 minutes and feature the "Zombie Ghost Tour" as well as the "Savannah Shadows Tour" and the "Tobias Tour." For more information about the tours, go to: Blue Orb Tours.

Ghost City Tours

Explore some of the creepiest places you can imagine when you take the Ghost City Tours. You will get to visit some of the most haunted homes in town and hear about some of Savannah's most best kept secrets while taking part in this exciting tour. As one of Savannah's most popular tours, the Ghost City Tours have received high ratings by previous guests and provide a unique contrast between the haunted locations and the beauty of the city. For more about this amazing tour, go to: Ghost City Tours.

Spirits and Scoundrels Tour

Discover the darker side of Savannah when you take the Spirits and Scoundrels Tour. This is an adults only tour that focuses on subjects like Voodoo and Cannibalism as well as Victorian Ghosts and modern hauntings. The tour includes exclusive access to the haunted Sorrell-Weed house and includes subjects like murder, ritual sacrifice and the occult. For more details, go to: Spirits and Scoundrels Tour.

Paranormal Investigation Ghost Tour

Take part in a ghost tour that includes you as part of a Paranormal Investigation team when you explore the Sorrell Mansion and Carriage House. Spend up to three hours with a professional investigative team, exploring this historic place. Groups are limited to no more than 12 people. For more information, go to: Paranormal Investigation Ghost Tour.

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